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Together Magazine is a collection of wholesome articles about family and friends in a modern world. Over the years we’ve had so many great conversations with friends and family that have helped us be better spouses, better parents, and better friends. Many of these conversations have been humorous; some serious; but all of them have provided us with some great learning. We realized how valuable our network of family and friends are to us, and we thought how wonderful it would be if more people were able to benefit from these resources just as we have. So we started Together Magazine as an outlet to share our learning with other spouses, parents, and families who are trying to enjoy life to its fullest in this modern world we live in. We don’t claim to be experts in any of these categories of life, far from it. But we sure have a good time learning as we go.

If you’d like to contribute an article to Together Magazine we’d be happy to receive your submission. It’s not a paying gig, but if you’d like to share, our readers will be sure to enjoy your entertaining stories or helpful tips about family, friends, marriage, or children. You can submit your article via email. If we have any questions we’ll write you back, but otherwise we’ll let you know when your article will be posted for the world to see. Thanks for your interest and support of Together Magazine!

All the best,

Andy and Emily

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