May 8, 2009 by Nancy Brooks

The Person I Thought I Was Marrying

One afternoon my husband and I were having lunch with an engaged couple. My husband asked the woman, “Do you think he’s the same person you’re going to be married to?” She lovingly gazed into her fiance’s eyes, and replied in her girly-girl voice, “Oh, yes!”

My husband and I laughed, and then proceeded with story after story of us when we were dating versus now that we’re married.

Dating: While lying together, I noticed some lint in his belly button. I laughed and teased him about it, and then took it out. He said, “Hey, put that back!” When I did, we both laughed, and then he accidentally farted, making us both laugh even more.
Married: He farts freely, lifting his leg and calling attention to it in the process. Not funny.

Dating: I loved doing simple little things for him: getting him a glass of water, washing his glasses, getting his fleece jacket if he was cold.
Married: Haven’t you figured out how to do those things for yourself yet? For the love of God, you’re well into your thirties now!

Dating: We loved lying on the sofa together, watching TV.
Married: Strangely enough, he gets too hot after a few minutes. And one more thing: The sofa hasn’t gotten any smaller, but we don’t quite fit together on it like we used to.

Dating: We were best friends. We shared stories, laughed together, held hands a lot, and always loved being together.
Married: We’re still best friends. We still tell stories, laugh, hold hands, and enjoy being together. And now that we have a son, those moments we’re alone together are extra special.

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Happy Mother’s Day Nancy!

Great Article and well stated!
I think the greatest of things you still share after being married for a while is the fact that you are BEST friends and you still enjoy those moments together.
As there are different seasons in climates, there are different seasons in a marriage.
Keeping God first,staying faithful, and being friends puts your marriage on solid ground.

You are the best and I love you much.


By Penny Riley on May 10 2009

Thanks,Nana! I love you too!

By Nancy Brooks on May 24 2009

OMG - My Mom knows how to post comments on a website!!! OMG!!

By Will Brooks on June 5 2009

Yes, my son, I do know how to post on a website and a lot more!! OMG

Love mom

By penny Riley on June 5 2009

See how much we’re already learning about our families from this site! Ha!

By Andy Johnson on June 13 2009

Very funny and true. Endless love is a gift because no matter the hindrances, love is still there.

By hampers on October 13 2009

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