May 4, 2009 by Andy Johnson

Cheapest Entertainment Ever

Are you looking for something fun to do with your young son (or daughter), but a little short on cash? I discovered an activity that our son now begs for us to do again and again. It’s so simple, yet can provide potentially hours of entertainment. This will probably appeal to dads more than moms, but you never know.

The activity is worms. Yes, the kind of worms that live in the dirt. If worms make you squirm then obviously this isn’t the activity for you. But most young boys seem to be fascinated by worms to some extent (I know I was), so why not join them on their worm adventures? My son and I sat on the sidewalk the other day in front a pile of dirt with a small shovel in hand. And for a long time we just searched for worms. Little ones, big ones, dead ones, and ones that just played dead. Each time a worm would surface my son would get so excited. “Cool!!! Put him in my hand! I’ve got FOUR worms now!” It never got boring.

But be prepared to answer some questions along the way. I’m hardly ever prepared for my son’s questions. He asks some tough ones and I sometimes feel that the school system failed me, but I always manage to come up with answers to at least satisfy a 3 year old:

Son: “What do worms eat?”
Me: “Uh, dirt.”

Son: “What do fish eat?”
Me: “Worms.”

Son: “So do fish live in the dirt?”
Me: “No, they live in the water.”

Son: “Then how do the fish get the worms?”
Me: “Look, I found another worm!”

There’s just something great about spending an afternoon with your son getting your hands dirty and playing with worms. I’m looking forward to our next worm adventure as much as he is!

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Ha ha ha, and they say kids say the funniest things!!! Seems to me that kids say the most sensible things and adults are too perplexed by the simplicity in the way they think to understand it!

P.s. you can’t beat rolling around in the dirt looking for worms!!!

By accident claims on February 8 2010

Am too was bombarded by questions of my kids as a result of their curiosity. Just not to fall “astray” when replying, I will start a hymn that make them follow me and we all end up singing.

By jogging double stroller on February 21 2010

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