May 7, 2009 by Nancy Brooks

New Neighbors

Last weekend our new neighbors moved in. Anticipating their arrival, my husband had said to me, “We ought to do something nice for them—make them a meal or something.” Perfect! I had a new recipe for Triple Chocolate Scones that I was foaming at the mouth to make, just waiting for the right occasion. I also had everything on hand to make one of my favorite recipes: Spinach Enchilada Casserole.

The night before they arrived, I made the enchilada casserole. I split it between two pans, baked ours, and we ate it for dinner. Theirs I put in the fridge, ready to pop in the oven. The foil covering the top said it all: Welcome! Bake @ 350 degrees for 30 min.

The next morning I baked the scones. That’s another story, but they turned out pretty good after all. When the new neighbors arrived, around 2 in the afternoon, I gave them some time to show their family their new place and put their friends to work. A couple hours later I brought over two plates of chocolate–chocolate chip scones, dripping with chocolate icing. As I walked up the steps, I thought how great it would be if they were taking a break. Then I saw someone sitting on a sofa inside the living room window. Yes! It was break time!

The scones were an instant hit, and I think the sugar buzz helped them finish moving in. They had the enchilada casserole the next night for dinner, and liked it equally as well. Since then, we’ve been given a tour of their home, we’ve welcomed them into our home, and we went grocery shopping together—not at the supermarket but at a unique store that fronts the whole shopping experience: it sells only all-natural products, mostly under their own house label, with a good selection of natural brands also. And great prices. Plus, I’ve never seen an employee who didn’t like working there.

Oh, did I mention that we’ve only lived in this city for 9 months ourselves? Even so, we still had plenty to give to the newcomers. In our busy American lifestyles, this tradition of welcoming new neighbors seems to be slipping away. We’re glad we seized the moment.

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Oh how I loved to have a neighbor like you. So thoughtful and caring. Loved the food you prepared: really a great welcome. If only all the people are like you, love will shine all the way.

By hampers on October 13 2009

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